Want to win Belgian chocolates?

What about X1 and X2 against X3 and X4, when the X5 is to X6 for the X7? Let us begin within ESAFORM….

Complete the sentence with the 7 missing Xi and send it to S.Yuan@uliege.be

Subject of your email : “ESAFORM Game”   

Deadline:  Sunday 18th April 23h59 (CEST)

Want to see the answer? Check on 20th April in Proceedings Acknowledgement section.

This contest is open to ESAFORM 2021 participants only, the winner will be awarded by drawing lots amongst the right answers. 

Where to find the Xi?

Spot “a word(s)” in a strange sentence or repeated a lot in these 7 live sessions :

  • 14 April : Livan Fratini in the “Opening session”
  • 14 April : Nathalie Jabob in “How to write a scientific paper”
  • 15 April : Robertt Valente in the “General Assembly”
  • 15 April : Scientific Prize winner his “Plenary Lecture”
  • 15 April :Michaël Gremling in his “Plenary Lecture”
  • 16 April : Lisbet Geris in “Opening of Lorenzo Moroni”
  • 16 April : Pierpaolo Carlone in “Benchmark session”

The winner will taste delicious Belgian chocolates !