14 - 16 APRIL, 2021, LIEGE


24th International Conference on Material Forming

ESAFORM is an association with the mission to stimulate applied and fundamental research in the field of material forming. Its annual conference, the International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, is used to achieve one of the main goals of ESAFORM: to spread scientific and technological information related to material forming within academic and industry. The next conference will be held in Liege (Belgium) on 14-16 April 2021.

Covid-19 Information

ESAFORM organisation will follow the evolution of the Covid-19 crisis. In case all lights are not green to organise a successful in person conference in Liege, we would organise a virtual conference. This decision would have to be approved by the ESAFORM board.


periment and Analysis of Aluminum Cup Drawing Test will be the first ESAFORM Benchmark organized by
Frederic Barlat , Oana Cazacu, Anne Marie Habraken, Toshihiko Kuwabara, Augusto Lopes, Marta Oliveira, Abel Santos and lead by Gabriela Vincze. The originality of this proposal is that experimental data will be shared to allow each participant to identify himself his material data set for the model he used. The material selected for this benchmark is polycrystalline aluminum alloy 6016-T4 with a strong (100)[001] (cube) texture component and enhanced anisotropy, which is seen as an ideal example to test the capability of constitutive models.

The data will be distributed in December 2020. The organizing committee will soon define the modalities to take part to this benchmark.


ESAFORM 2021 like edition 2020 is ready to host workshops within Mini-Symposium 8. Workshops on cooperative research projects and initiatives that are of high relevance for the ESAFORM community with no clear overlapping with  one  single  Mini-Symposium can be included in MS8. Depending on the participation in these workshops and the interest of their organizers, these workshops can be turned into Mini-Symposia in future ESAFORM conferences. Workshop of European or National  projects or  National,  Regional  project can however be just a one shot event.

The Workshops will be organized by a coordinator team in the same way as Mini-Symposia. Contact and if you are interested as soon as possible as deadlines for abstracts and full papers have to be respected.

Organisers and sponsors