The CIRED conference (International conference on Electricity Distribution) is a biennial conference.

AIM organises this conference alternately with another association (The IET). AIM organised the CIRED 2011 and the CIRED 2015 conference which was held in Lyon (France) from June 15 until June 18, 2015. This conference is usually attended by approximately 1500 experts and professionals from the electricity distribution sector.

Since 2008, CIRED has been involved in producing workshops, held on alternate years between the main conferences.

The workshop entitled “Challenges of Implementing Active Distribution System Management” was organised by AIM in Rome, attracting 340 participants.

AIM is also the headquarters of the CIRED general secretariat.

The next CIRED conference will be held in 2017 in Glasgow (UK)  and will be organized by the IET.

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