AIM boasts more than 800 members graduated from the Montefiore Institute. One of our principal activities is the organisation of scientific conferences, in particular the CIRED conference.


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  1. NLDB 2017
    21 June - 8h00 > 23 June - 17h00
  2. EACWE 2017
    4 July - 8h00 > 7 July - 17h00
  3. EMF 2018 – Darmstadt
    10 April 2018 - 8h00 > 12 April 2018 - 17h00


Big success for our 2016 alumni evening with 300 participants.
The event was held in the prestigious Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Hotel.
Have a look at the photos :

In parallel with its alumni association role, AIM’s core business is organising scientific conferences launched by the academic and industrial worlds.
AIM can provide relevant expertise and experience in the organisation of your scientific event in Belgium and abroad, from 50 to 1500 participants.
Yopu can download here our presentation file.
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Since our last general assembly (March 24, 2016), our association has welcomed a new general chairman, Didier Bassleer,  for a 4-year term.
He has been involved in our board of administration since 2002 and is now working as Engineering and Supply Chain Manager at CE+T Power.
He replaces Alain Belvaux who was our president from 2008.

Our company members