AIM boasts more than 800 members graduated from the Montefiore Institute. One of our principal activities is the organisation of scientific conferences, in particular the CIRED conference.


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  1. CIRED 2022 workshop
    2 June - 8h00 > 3 June - 17h00
  2. Acomen 2022
    31 August - 8h00 > 2 September - 17h00
  3. CIRED 2023
    12 June 2023 - 8h00 > 15 June 2023 - 17h00


The 8th ACOMEN Conference will take place in Liège from 31.08 to 02.09, save the date !

Visit the conference website for more info:

The submission deadline for the CIRED Workshop 2022 in Porto is 12 November 2021. Don’t hesitate to submit your abstract via the submission website.

More information about the call for papers available here.

Our general assembly was held on 23 June 2021.

Please find here the minutes :

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