AIM has created a number of awards in order to encourage scientific research and to promote original works.

AIM Award for the best master theses

Every year, AIM awards every year the best master theses from graduates of the Montefiore Institute.

2020 awardees


Joachim Coline
Titre : “Tomosynthesis Imaging: Principles, Simulations and Practical Performance”


Bertrand Schyns
Titre : “Turbulent heat transfer analysis of supercritical carbon dioxide close to the pseudo-critical point in microchannels under non-uniform heat flux boundary conditions[BR]- Stage d’insertion professionnelle »


Maxime Vandegar
Titre : “Differentiable Surrogate Models to Solve Nonlinear Inverse Problems”

Julien Vandenbergh
Titre : “Study of mesh generation and optimization techniques applied to parametric forms”


Chloé Halbach
Titre : “Optical and electrical properties of metallic nanostructures as electrode material for wide bandgap semiconducting junctions”


Lara Deliège
Titre : “An in-silico modelling platform for the prediction of Posterior Vault Expansion outcomes”

Data Science

Arnaud Fombellida-Lopez
Titre : “Coordination on the battlefield by multi-agent reinforcement learning”

Maxime Lamborelle
Titre : “Data modelling of steam turbine performance”

AIM Award for the best PHD thesis

In 2014, AIM created another award for the best PHD thesis presented at the Montefiore Institute. This prize of 3500 euros was given for the first time in 2015.

The 2020 winner is Benjamin Laugraud for his PHD thesis titled « Motion-aware temporal median filtering for robust background estimation  ».