EXACT or Experiment and Analysis of Aluminum Cup Drawing Test will be the first ESAFORM Benchmark organized by Frederic Barlat , Oana Cazacu, Anne Marie Habraken, Toshihiko Kuwabara, Augusto Lopes, Marta Oliveira, Abel Santos and lead by Gabriela Vincze. The originality of this proposal is that experimental data will be shared to allow each participant to identify himself his material data set for the model he used. The material selected for this benchmark is polycrystalline aluminum alloy 6016-T4 with a strong (100)[001] (cube) texture component and enhanced anisotropy, which is seen as an ideal example to test the capability of constitutive models.

The data will be distributed in December 2020. The registration of the participants to Benchmark will be made through the ESAFORM Conference 2021.

ESAFORM 2021 Benchmark grant video presentation