18-21 August 2020
Virtual event


Now that we are getting so much data, what do we do with it? 

Prof Pierre Pinson, Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)



Digitization of energy systems has allowed to get a lot of data flowing at various levels of power and energy systems (consumer, assets, etc.). This is combined with the liberalization of electricity markets and the wish to better operate power systems with renewables and distributed energy resources more generally. However, what are now going to do with all this data? And, is all data we collect actually useful? In this talk, we will explore some of the practical aspects of those data being collected, e.g. based on the living lab experiment in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. Then, we will focus on new methods and business models that are enabled by new data streams and their use, e.g. for demand response and consumer profiling, very-high resolution wind power forecasting and data-driven decision-making. Finally, we will discuss some of the challenges originating from the use of such data streams, for instance related to privacy of energy consumers, the difficulty to extract meaningful information from data, and the necessity to think about mechanisms to incentivize and reward data sharing.