18-21 August 2020
Virtual event


Transversal Risk Management for asset management, system development and operation

Dr. Jonathan Sprooten, Elia (Belgium)




Excellence in transmission system operators requires more than advanced risk-based decision processes in each different fields of expertise, such as asset management, system development and system operation. Alignment between these fields of expertise is of prior importance and often reveal to be a complex process.

An asset manager will master the risk level associated with the maintenance and replacement policies of its asset fleet (transformers, cables, overhead lines, …) while he or she will not have strong expertise to evaluate the expected impact of an asset failure, especially in the case of a grid developed and operated to respect N-1 criteria.

A grid development expert will be capable to identify the system impact of events and will be able to evaluate risk based reliability data for grid elements but he or she will have difficulties to include specific risks associated to cascading events due to physical nature of the failure or to the laying arrangement of the assets in a substation. 

The change process for establishment of a transversal risk management approach within Elia, the Belgian TSO, is illustrated and the chosen approach combining system-wide and event-based risk matrices with be discussed, highlighting benefits and challenges of the model in a TSO environment.