10-12 July 2018

The 12th conference dedicated to foams and applications will be held in Liege (Belgium).

Conference secretariat


Tel : +32 (0) 4 222 29 46

 Invited speakers :


Myf Evans
Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin (Germany)
Bio :  

 "Heterogeneous forces in squashed foams"


Christophe Raufaste
University of Nice (France)
Bio : 

"Stability and relaxation dynamics of a single Plateau border"



Benoit Scheid
ULB (Belgium)
Bio :

"Antibubbles: interfacial-rheology Yin-Yang"


Keynote speakers : 


Wiebke Drenckhan
Institut Charles Sadron (France)
Bio :

"Hard science with soft drops: Skinny emulsions take on granular matter"


Anna Trybala
Loughborough University (UK)
Bio :

"Interactions of surfactant-polymer foam with porous materials" 


Sylvie Vergniolle
Institut du Globe de Paris (France)
Bio :

"The behavior of viscous foams during volcanic eruptions"